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Singer Dua Lipa On Beauty Standards, SOS Products And The Finest Generation Of Women
Singer Dua Lipa On Beauty Standards, SOS Products And The Finest Generation Of Women

Video: Singer Dua Lipa On Beauty Standards, SOS Products And The Finest Generation Of Women

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British singer Dua Lipa is only 21 years old, but she is already a really big star. Her career began with covers of the songs of Christina Aguilera and Pink, which she recorded and posted on YouTube (once Justin Bieber started as well). In a couple of years that have passed since then, she managed to sign a contract with Warner Music Group, star in a documentary about herself and release her debut album, which was released in June this year. spoke to the hopes of the global pop scene about the beauty and women of her generation.

About beauty habits

Falling asleep with makeup on my face is my worst nightmare. No matter how tired I come home, the first thing I do is wash off my makeup, it happens automatically. In the morning I cleanse the skin with oils and then apply a nourishing cream. In winter I use denser textures, which I change to gels in summer, otherwise my skin will suffer.

I love changing perfumes and rarely get attached to specific scents. Although now I most often use light floral and fruity scents. When it gets colder, I'll take them away until next summer and switch to heavier scents, but I think it will still be a floral arrangement.


About makeup

In everyday life, I use soft makeup. I'm not a makeup artist, so I paint very simply: lip gloss, natural shades and mascara. If you need to quickly prepare for a performance, then I also add a highlighter to everything else - it will shine beautifully under the spotlights. If the time before the exit

there is no house on the stage at all, then I brightly highlight my eyes with mascara, applying it to the eyelashes in several layers.

About SOS funds

Hand cream, lip balm and antiseptic are my life-saving kit for every occasion.

About women's images and beauty standards

My beauty ideal is Marilyn Monroe. For me, she is the embodiment of a real woman. Someone who knows that she is beautiful, who loves herself and is proud of the way she looks. I find this idea very important in general, especially in light of how social networks affect the self-esteem of young women. Look at the girls around, they are all so beautiful! And I would like to be told this much more often, so that the media less imposed standards and told how to look. Have you seen my video for New Rules? There are also incredible girls and everyone is so different! I think the main task of social networks is to teach us to accept ourselves as we are.

About trends

I don't believe in trends. We are all very different, and what looks good on one can completely kill the appearance of another. I am convinced that you only need to wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in, even if it does not fit into the generally accepted trends.

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