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5 Scandinavian Hygge Principles To Make Your Home More Comfortable
5 Scandinavian Hygge Principles To Make Your Home More Comfortable

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If it seems to you that with the onset of winter the city plunged into an almost polar night, and you wake up and fall asleep at dusk, then do not lose heart. It is better to adopt the positive experience of the Scandinavians: their winter is even harsher, and nature rarely indulges in the sun, even on a winter day. It is not for nothing that it was the Danes who invented "hygge" - a feeling of happiness, warmth and well-being from the fact that you are in a cozy atmosphere next to close and pleasant people. We decided to single out 5 hygge terms that will easily take root in Russia and help make your home more comfortable on the eve of the New Year holidays.

homemade baking

A modern housewife rarely manages to carve out an hour for homemade cakes, so more and more often we run into the store for ready-made desserts. But the frosty winter convinces you to stay at home, rummage through the bottom borers in search of flour, eggs and sugar and bake charlotte or chocolate pie for the delight of loved ones. If you thoroughly follow the principles of "hygge", then you need to add aromatic spices to baked goods - for example, cinnamon, so that the whole house is filled with the smell of pie.

Natural materials

Try to furnish the house or at least its corner with things and furniture made from natural materials - wood and stone. It's good if you inherit some things or move from the flea market. Such things are part of history, they are not ideal, but each of them has individuality and even more - a soul.

Garlands and candles

It is generally not customary for Scandinavians to curtain windows, but they like to decorate window sills with lanterns, candles and garlands and hang large glowing stars on the window. A great idea for Russian interiors as well: so your guests or relatives, hurrying home, will see from afar what are waiting for them.

Pillows here, pillows there

"Hygge" pushes us to create cozy corners in the house, where it is so pleasant to watch your favorite movie, sip tea with lemon, and fall asleep under the crackling of logs in the fireplace - if there is no fireplace, you can download these pleasant sounds on the Internet and set it as a background for the atmosphere. Throw pillows, lay out pear chairs, or simply wrap yourself in a thick blanket and make wishes that will certainly come true in the New Year.

Get-togethers with friends

Even if you have no time at all due to the pre-New Year's hassle, pick two of your closest friends and invite them over. Let the whole world wait one evening, but you will be charged with warm communication with nice people and feel how cozy winter evenings at home can be.

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