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Melania Trump's Favorite Skirts
Melania Trump's Favorite Skirts

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Even the first ladies have New Year's Eve - the hottest and busiest on the calendar. While ordinary people are puzzling over gifts for loved ones and making up a festive menu, Melania Trump is actively involved in charity work. And does not forget about designer outfits.

The other day, Donald Trump's wife visited a children's hospital in Washington DC to visit young patients and read fairy tales to them as support. Melania chose a black turtleneck and turquoise Prada skirt to meet the children. A wide leather belt and leopard pumps complemented the look.

A little later, the first lady took part in a festive event that took place as part of the Toys for Tots charity program. Our heroine has teamed up with the families of military personnel to present gifts to children from low-income families. At the same time, Melania chose an image that was not very appropriate for the event: the fashionista liked the Gucci midi skirt worth two thousand dollars (over 127 thousand rubles). But the print on the skirt turned out in the spirit of Christmas: the red and white stripes reminded Internet users of festive candies - caramel canes.

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