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Cara Delevingne Told How She Managed To Overcome Depression
Cara Delevingne Told How She Managed To Overcome Depression

Video: Cara Delevingne Told How She Managed To Overcome Depression

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Video: Cara Delevingne's Powerful Life Advice on Overcoming Depression and Anxiety (MUST WATCH) 2023, January

25-year-old model, actress and writer Cara Delevingne now feels like a strong and confident woman, but this realization came to her after a prolonged depression experienced as a teenager.

“I felt like I wasn't good enough. The fact that I couldn't do things as well as others made me hate myself. I will forever remember that awful feeling when at school you get a C (grade equal to the Russian "three" - editor's note) and think that this is not an assessment of a specific assignment, but of your whole life. This feeling has been with me for many years,”- said Delevingne in a recent interview.

The model also shared that as a child, she always felt strange and different from other children. This worried her greatly. As a result, complexes and experiences made her her own worst enemy. The feeling of loneliness intensified after a painful breakup - Kara was then 15 years old: “I kept thinking what was wrong with me. I wanted to be loved, but I could not be angry with people, so I only blamed myself for everything. I hated myself for being depressed, for being upset, for saying the wrong thing. My problem was that I hoped too much for love and other people - I thought that this was what should make me happy. As a result, in order to overcome despair, I had to understand that happiness comes only from yourself. Now I can say that I am happy."

Cara Delevingne

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