Charlize Theron, 43, Reveals The Secret Of Her Glowing Skin
Charlize Theron, 43, Reveals The Secret Of Her Glowing Skin
Video: Charlize Theron, 43, Reveals The Secret Of Her Glowing Skin
Video: Charlize Theron's Secrets to Remaining Ageless at 44 Years Old 2023, February

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More recently, the movie "Tully" was released, for the sake of the role in which Charlize Theron gained 23 kilograms. The 43-year-old actress managed to get in shape pretty quickly, and even the jumps in weight did not affect her radiant and toned skin. In this, the actress was helped by her favorite beauty products and rituals, which she generously shares with us.

On the set, Charlize always wears sun-protection cosmetics: “I like La Roche-Posay Sanskrin because it does not whiten the skin. And it works! I don’t get sunburn and I don’t have age spots.” And the secret of her thick hair was castor oil - which Theron applies not only to her head, but also to her eyebrows.

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The main beauty icon for Theron was and remains her mother: “I remember how she was getting ready for work, looking in a round mirror. At that time, my mother was supervising the construction of roads and she had a meeting with 20 men. As I watched her put on her makeup, I thought, "This is just incredible." I admired her self-confidence. " But motherhood teaches the actress herself discipline: “My children go to bed at the same time, and after that I immediately begin to take care of my face. I get up early, at 5:45. I'm a single mom who needs to get the kids together, pack their lunches, and not miss the bus. Therefore, in the morning I only have time to wash my face and apply sunscreen on my face. And in the evening I already use serum, eye cream and moisturizer."

One of the important finds for Charlize was the eyelash curler: “Fifteen years ago, I did not even know about their existence. Now I won't leave the house until I curl my eyelashes, this trick works like a facelift! Even before going out, I always wear perfume. For me, this is an element of luxury. Let me have sweatpants and sneakers, but I will feel special."

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