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Kaia Gerber Made The Tattoo Herself
Kaia Gerber Made The Tattoo Herself

Video: Kaia Gerber Made The Tattoo Herself

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Video: Kaia Gerber Gave Herself A Tattoo In Quarantine 2023, January

Cindy Crawford has clearly added gray hair lately. First, Presley's son made a tattoo on his face, asking the master to write the word misunderstood ("misunderstood") on his cheekbone.

After these "antics" Presley, insiders assured that Cindy and her husband Randy Gerber were actively looking for a psychotherapist for their son. But now Kaia Gerber has also excelled. The young model decided to master a new hobby in isolation and make a tattoo for herself. Kaya already has several tattoos: she likes minimalistic and laconic drawings, including her middle name "Jordan", a hug in the shape of a heart and a heart-organ with anatomical attributes, wildflowers, an angel, the number "23" in honor of her debut release at Fashion Week and other nifty miniatures.

During quarantine, the model missed new tattoos so much that she decided to make them herself. Gerber ordered a tattoo machine and pigment online, studied the recommendations of the masters and took a chance. The experiment was not very successful: “I decided to take this step, because my favorite pastime was going to tattoo parlors, but now no one could help me. As a result, I drew a short line and a dot on the skin, and I'm not proud of them at all. " Kaia has found perhaps the most radical way to deal with boredom during isolation.

Kaia Gerber

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