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Cindy Crawford And Randy Gerber Celebrated Their 20th Wedding Anniversary
Cindy Crawford And Randy Gerber Celebrated Their 20th Wedding Anniversary

In May this year, Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary: ​​in honor of this event, the supermodel shared with subscribers a rare wedding photo in which she walks arm in arm with her beloved Randy in a short slip dress with lace. We decided to recall five touching moments of their romance.


Cindy and Randy met long before their official relationship - more than 30 years ago they met on advertising filming as models and were imbued with sympathy, but they did not go beyond easy flirting (according to other sources, a short novel), and they parted, maintaining friendly relations. However, after her divorce from Richard Gere, Crawford took a fresh look at her old friend and gave this relationship a second chance - as it turned out, not in vain!


Cindy quickly realized that she had met her fate and decided not to wait for Gerber to decide that it was time for them to get married, and she herself proposed to him. Randy was not embarrassed by such pressure, and he happily agreed.


Our heroes decided to celebrate the celebration in the Bahamas, away from the bustle of the city and the attention of the press. The cherished "Yes!" the supermodel said, standing barefoot in the sand in a short snow-white dress from John Galliano. Cindy recalls how she chose her wedding look: “I put on a short dress precisely because of Randy, because I did not go downstairs to him, and we walked towards each other along the beach. And I wanted him to see me and come in admiration at the sight of his bride."



The children of our heroes are already widely known not only thanks to their stellar parents: Presley, and in particular Kaia, successfully conquer the fashion industry, independently participate in advertising campaigns and become street style stars. However, could they have a different calling with such genes?

All life is dating

All these 20 years, Cindy and Randy often arrange dates with each other: they love to dine in cozy restaurants and walk together, if they are not relentlessly followed by the paparazzi. According to Crawford, in a marriage you cannot relax and take the care of another person for granted, but you need to constantly feed your feelings and not forget about romance.

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