Aidan Salakhova At Saatchi Gallery
Aidan Salakhova At Saatchi Gallery

Video: Aidan Salakhova At Saatchi Gallery

Video: Aidan Salakhova - Intercession 3 - Saatchi Gallery - London - January 2016 2022, December

After the impressive Chanel exposition and the New Year holidays, Charles Saatchi, in collaboration with Igor Tsukanov and the Tsukanov Family Fondation, is preparing to present the Revelations: New Work by Aidan exhibition, which will occupy an entire floor of his gallery. It is exceptional both due to Aidan Salakhova's solo debut in the United Kingdom, and due to the parallel “women's” exhibition Champagne Live at Saatchi Gallery. If the latter gathers 14 women at once, then Revelations or "Revelations" is dedicated to Aidan alone: ​​curator Jenny Christensen, invited by the galleries, selected her recent works, most of which are still unknown to the world.


Aidan Salakhova. Without words # 1, 2014

Over the past five years, marked by the second participation in the Venice Biennale (Aidan Salakhova could be seen there in 2011 and 1991), the artist managed to develop a lot of new material. Her favorite marble, with the help of which she speaks about secular things in a frank, sometimes close in religious, language, unites all the issues of concern to Salakhov in aesthetically beautiful sculptures: you can consider the most curious of them in London until February 28.

Aidan Salakhova. Wailing Wall, 2014-2015

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