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Frida Kahlo: 5 Stories You Didn't Know
Frida Kahlo: 5 Stories You Didn't Know

Video: Frida Kahlo: 5 Stories You Didn't Know

Video: A Mysterious Story of Frida Kahlo That Reveals Her True Character 2022, December

How is it that there has never been a single large-scale exhibition of Frida Kahlo in Russia before? Why is her work so rare at auction and is it always a sensation? The organizers of the exhibition “Frida Kahlo. Paintings and Graphics from the Collections of Mexico ", which will open in St. Petersburg on February 3.

Before going to the Faberge Museum, remember the main milestones in the artist's life, watch the Oscar-winning film Frida with Salma Hayek in the title role, or go even further - we give several interesting directions as an example.

Frida Kahlo and the collectors: unrequited love

The love of Frida Kahlo's self-portraits is known not only for the powerful in the art world, but also for Madonna, who has her works in her collection along with works by Damien Hirst, Pablo Picasso and other artists. After the sale at Sotheby's in 2006 of the painting "Roots", which went under the hammer for $ 5.6 million (and thus became the most expensive work of the artist), rumors spread that it was Madonna who acquired it in her collection. One way or another, it was a rarity: the next case of the appearance of her painting at the auction occurred only in 2010 thanks to the House of Christie's.

Russian choreographer's ballet

Yuri Smekalov staged the ballet Infinita Frida back in 2013, and in the artist's homeland: in Russia it was shown only twice, and two years later. “This is the story of a young artist, for whom the palette of colors is destiny,” notes the choreographer, who hopes to bring his ballet to Moscow in the new season.

Frida Kahlo at the Hermitage

The first work of the artist, which appeared in St. Petersburg, is “Self-portrait with a monkey”. From the Dolores Olmedo Museum (Mexico City), she came to Russia for two and a half months. The monkey motif is often found in Kahlo's works, but in a non-trivial sense. Just as Louise Bourgeois sees nothing wrong with comparing a spider with her own mother, so Frida Kahlo positions the monkey as a selflessly devoted friend and a replacement for a child she never had. Meanwhile, in the Western European tradition, this animal symbolizes voluptuousness.

According to the information on the museum's website, January 20 is the last day when she can be seen in the Winter Palace. Then the painting will "move" to the Faberge Museum and will be available again from February 3. By the way, the curator of the retrospective of Frida Kahlo was Ekaterina Vladimirovna Lopatkina, an employee of the State Hermitage, Candidate of Art History, Deputy Head of the Department of Contemporary Art.

Guest from the USSR

The artist's life was full of tragic events, as well as amazing stories. For example, in 1937, Leon Trotsky was visiting Frida Kahlo's house: he fled from Norway to Mexico, hiding from the persecution of Joseph Stalin. As you know, Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera, who was 21 years older than her, openly supported communism, and the artist herself was not averse to having another romance - even with a disgraced Russian revolutionary. The brightest moments in the life of Frida Kahlo are preserved in photographs, which in two weeks can be examined with their own eyes at the exhibition.

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