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Video: "Что такое Science Art?" Онлайн-встреча с искусствоведом Ольгой Ремнёвой 2023, February

The Polytech.Science.Art Week festival week annually shows in Moscow the fruits of the active collaboration that artists have with scientists and technologists-developers. Workshops, discussions, lectures, film screenings and audiovisual performances await the capital next week - among the latter, the project "Synesthetic Symphony", included in the opening program, stands out. This coming Monday, the premiere of this performance, created with the participation of Russian authors (: vtol: and Yulia Glukhova), as well as German-American media artist Peter Kirn, will be shown at the Educational Center of the Garage Museum. Its main element is the reconstructed Kristall light and music machine, which can then be seen at the exhibition "On the Origin of the New" among the works of Anastasia Kizilova, Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov,Elena Nikonorova and other authors. This exhibition is a kind of reflection on the phenomenon of "technical creativity": it shows the impact that biologists, ecologists, chemists, physicists and doctors have on contemporary art, demonstrating the result of their collaboration with artists in 2015.

The main program of lectures, discussions and workshops, compiled by the curator Natalia Fuks, will fit within a week: you can study all experimental projects within the framework of Polytech.Science.Art Week from December 7 to 13. The exhibition "On the Origin of the New" at the Garage Education Center will be open from December 7 to 20, 2015.

Admission to all events of the Polytechnic Museum will be free or by prior registration.

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