Said Atabekov At Artwin Gallery
Said Atabekov At Artwin Gallery

Video: Said Atabekov At Artwin Gallery

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In this fruitful year for Artwin Gallery (the head of the gallery, Mariana Gogova, managed to open a new Moscow space under the wing of Maison Dellos and a branch in Baku, as well as to hold a lot of significant exhibitions), artists from Kazakhstan acquired particular importance: they could be seen as at a spring group exhibition, and at the booth at the Cosmoscow art fair. Another Kazakh author, Said Atabekov, was among the last heroes of the 2015 program. Shortly before the completion of his exposition "Steppenwolves", Artwin Gallery arranged a chamber evening for the closest friends and partners.

Representing a country in which professional contemporary art appeared relatively recently, Atabekov excelled at this: over the past ten years, his work could be seen not only in museums in Russia and the CIS countries, but also at the Venice and Istanbul Biennials, at exhibitions of the New Museum in New -York and the Museum of Fine Arts in Sharjah, which his creative biography is also not limited. The art of Said Atabekov is primarily a reflection on what is happening in the country: he whimsically interweaves the Soviet heritage, the motives of shamanism and nomadic culture, using local exotic materials, traditional images and new technologies. In his new project "Steppenwolves", the artist follows the same path: a series of photographs of the same name and the installation "Customs point", made of traditional tools,with a fair amount of author's irony they tell about the way of life in Kazakhstan. For everyone who did not have time to study it in the past weeks, this opportunity exists for two more days: the exhibition will be open until December 3.

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