Dubossarsky In The Gallery "Triumph"
Dubossarsky In The Gallery "Triumph"

Video: Dubossarsky In The Gallery "Triumph"

Video: Dubossarsky u0026 Vinogradov / "Moscow: Vanishing reality" movie 2022, December

In his new solo project, Vladimir Dubossarsky continues the theme of “wrong exhibitions”: lately he was especially interested in creating them, approaching chaos, which he no longer controls. The search for a fresh artistic language within the framework of traditional painting became his leading creative goal in the past year: choosing seemingly simple subjects, he touched on a lot of topical topics for Russia.

“There can be no clear and unambiguous interpretation,” he says about the new exhibition “Seven Minutes for Melancholy”, “and the meanings for me are sometimes indistinguishable as well as for the viewer”. The new series of works by Dubossarsky is really not united by anything except authorship, but, collected in a certain order, they create a new ground for thought. “Each painting organizes its context, its own energy field, and their interaction or rejection is as much a part of the project as the paintings themselves,” the artist notes. - That is why the accuracy of the pictorial language of each work, a certain uniqueness of it, is important for me. All this vaguely reminds me of the stories told by the teachers of the school about the artistic image, to which many aspired, but only broke themselves. "You can see his new graphic and painting works in the Triumph gallery from December 9 to January 19.


Vladimir Dubossarsky. "Our throne". Oil on canvas, 2014

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