Dimitri Semakov In MMOMA
Dimitri Semakov In MMOMA
Video: Dimitri Semakov In MMOMA
Video: Димитрий Семаков «Структуры времени» 2023, February

The MMOMA building in Ermolaevsky Lane was not chosen for the "Structures of Time" exhibition by chance: earlier it belonged to the Moscow Architectural Society, and for Dimitri Semakov, architecture has a deep symbolic meaning. Portals, galleries, pillars, vaults that appear in the artist's works are traces of time, witnesses of bygone civilizations, in some way heirloom value: the works of his grandfather, a prominent architect Joseph Zakov, are kept in the collection of the State Museum of Architecture. A. V. Shchuseva. The name of the exhibition gave the conjunction of the opposite principles to each other - the lasting and elusive, matter and spirit, architecture and painting.

The exposition, supplemented by archival photographs, video projections and media commentary on the works of Dimitri Semakov, will occupy four floors of the museum building. Its format, reminiscent of a metaphysical journey, covers four large themes: Gateway: Return, Towers: Search, Arches: Connection, Light: Triumph. The artist is sure that the sense of space, proportions, symmetry, perspective that his works create will be understandable and close to viewers with any preferences in art. You can check it from November 11 to December 6.


Dimitri Semakov. Untitled. Series "Gates and Civilizations". Oil on canvas, mixed media. 2010 year. From the collection of MMOMA.

Dimitri Semakov. Untitled. The Gate series. Oil on canvas, mixed media. year 2012.

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