24 Hours In The Life Of Donatella Versace
24 Hours In The Life Of Donatella Versace

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8:00 am I get up at about the same time and, although I sleep soundly, I usually wake up without an alarm. I prefer to sleep in a silk nightgown from the Parisian store Sabbia Rosa. First of all, I hasten to hug my Jack Russell Audrey. In my opinion, having a pet is a great happiness. Especially the dog: they are loyal, affectionate and sincere. Love in its purest form! After that I go to workout: I do cardio exercises and work with weights for 45 minutes - and so four times a week! I am sure that sports not only keep the body in good shape, but also the mind. However, everything is fine in moderation: as soon as some activity becomes a routine, it loses its meaning.

8:45I take a shower and start my daily beauty ritual. Everything is simple here: there are a number of products that I trust - almond oil, Dr. Hauschka Quince Day Cream, Pureté de Rose Gel and Douceur de Rose Cleansing Cream, both from By Terry. But there are no favorites among the hair products - fortunately, my hair does not require any special care. When I was 11 years old, brother Gianni dyed me blonde, and since then I have never changed this look. My makeup is pretty simple too: highlighter, neutral lipstick and smoky eyes. The final touch is a drop of perfume (of course, Versace Vanitas). Only after that do I get dressed. Work “uniform”: skinny black trousers, long sleeve blouse and black leather Versace jacket. And, of course, stiletto heels - without them I feel barefoot! It is also very important to choose the right accessories,I pay a lot of attention to this. Fortunately, my collection is so large that it contains accessories for all occasions. My favorite and most precious piece of jewelry is a yellow diamond ring that Gianni gave me after the first Versus show.

9:45 I'm going for about an hour and certainly to rock music: I'm ready to listen to it from morning to evening! Before leaving, I have a quick breakfast with fruit salad and juice. And, of course, coffee - I'm Italian after all. In the morning I drink cappuccino, in the afternoon I switch to espresso.

10:00 I put two iPhones (one with an Italian number, the other with an American one), a BlackBerry, a notebook and working papers in a bag from the Versace Vanitas collection, take Audrey under my arm and go to the office, making important calls along the way (I like talking to people in person or by phone - I hate emails!) Well, to keep abreast of the latest events, I look in my car for the newspapers La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera and The International Herald Tribune, and already in the office I go over the news on the websites huffingtonpost.com and thedailybeast.com.

10:30 Once in the office, the first thing I do is discuss urgent issues with the assistant and PR director. After that, we go through e-mail: I get about a hundred letters a day, sometimes more, but I have an excellent assistant who takes this unpleasant job for me and thereby allows me to concentrate on the creative process.

11:00 Endless meetings begin. The most important are, of course, meetings and fittings. But that's not all I'm busy with. Versace produces several clothing collections, a line of accessories, interior items, a perfume line, and owns several hotels and resorts. As the creative director of the House, I have to oversee all our activities and ensure that the Versace style is maintained throughout. Of course, we try to keep up with the times and develop, but at the same time, it is very important for us to remain faithful to the traditions that Gianni laid down. Therefore, I spend a lot of time talking with all the main employees of the company, explaining to them what the DNA of our brand is.

13:00 I have a quick bite of salad and fish right in the office - I don't have time for long dinners in a cafe. And then during the day I drink a few espressos and a lot of water with ice and lemon. After lunch, negotiations and meetings continue.

19:00 Audrey and I are going home. If I’ve made dinner with friends, I dress up to my favorite rock (lately it’s Lenny Kravitz or Prince) and go to the meeting. However, in Milan I usually stay for dinner at home: my cuisine is cooler than any restaurants! I often invite guests and treat them to simple but insanely delicious Italian food - pasta, grilled fish and salad. I will not dissemble, all this beauty is cooked, of course, not by me.

21:00 If I am alone at home, watching news or a movie on DVD - I have recently watched excellent films "The Servant", "The Ides of March" and "Spy, Get Out!" I'm also a real fan of Downton Abbey.

22:00 I light candles and take a bath with aromatic oils and salt - for me this is the best way to relax. After that, I put the perfumed cream on my body and go to bed. I love my Versace bedroom! All furnishings, bed linen and even a duvet are from Versace Home. It's very cozy here, which is probably why I go to bed so early. Before going to bed I like to read a good book.

11:30 pm I turn off the lights and fall asleep quickly, wondering what the new day will bring.

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