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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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The melodic name Heliconia, given to the new piano by Steinway & Sons and Lalique, portends a happy destiny: the piece wears it brings together the best traditions and technologies dating back to the 19th century. Made in accordance with all the canons of the Steinway & Sons company, which spends at least a year to create a single musical instrument (adding to this the two years required to dry the wood, we get three years of production), and then decorated by the decorators of the legendary House of Lalique, it fully fits a description of "the best grand piano" - such as Henry E. Steinway once designated it.

Each grand piano is adorned with 75 crystals: first, they are pressed, shaped, cut, engraved, polished and marked in a crystal manufactory in Alsace, after which the employees of the Steinway & Sons plant in Hamburg take over, incorporating the ideal Lalique stones into their products. This is how the motif of the Heliconia flower appears on the surface of Heliconia - an important element in the history of Lalique. In developing the design of the new piano, its creators relied on sketches by Marie-Claude Lalique, the granddaughter of Rene Lalique himself. Transparent and matte crystals, together with metal inlays, bloom on the lid, legs and body of the piano, which are available in a wide palette of shades: you can choose the main color of the instrument yourself when placing an individual order.

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