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Scents Of Christmas
Scents Of Christmas

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Video: 12 SCENTS OF CHRISTMAS | Holiday scents, Memories, and Family | PERFUME COLLECTION 2022, December

A gingerbread man on a fluffy spruce, mom's vanilla cookies according to a secret family recipe, a pinch of cardamom and cinnamon in a mug of hot milk, carefully served to children at night … Yes, delicate sweet and invigorating spicy aromas are an obligatory component of the brightest holiday of the year. Nespresso gives its fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Christmas atmosphere all year round - with just one keystroke on the coffee machine. The company, which heralded the boom in premium coffee capsules, creates a festive winter collection, Variations, year after year, based on the Livanto blend, which makes the right party for the bright aromas of Christmas.

The Variations 2015 limited edition blend names make you look forward to seeing them soon: caramel-almond Vanilla Amaretti, chocolate-ginger Ciocco Ginger and vanilla Cardamom contrasting with cardamom. The intensity of each of them is marked by six points on the Nespresso scale from 1 to 12. Coffee experts emphasize that blends with holiday flavors are ideally revealed both in a tiny espresso cup and in combination with milk in different volumes - it all depends on your preferences.

Good news for those looking for a special gift: a collection of fragrant blends can be purchased now in a gift box. The Variations Limited Edition 2015 collection is available in all Nespresso boutiques and on the brand's official website.


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