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How Alexander Terekhov Has Become The Most Successful Russian Brand In 10 Years
How Alexander Terekhov Has Become The Most Successful Russian Brand In 10 Years

Video: How Alexander Terekhov Has Become The Most Successful Russian Brand In 10 Years

Video: How Alexander Terekhov Has Become The Most Successful Russian Brand In 10 Years
Alexander Terekhov and Oksana Lavrentieva
Alexander Terekhov and Oksana Lavrentieva

Ten years have passed since the opening of the first Alexander Terekhov boutique and the presentation of the full collection at New York Fashion Week. How has the Russian fashion landscape changed during this time?

OKSANA LAVRENTIEVA: Ten years ago in the world, and in our country, they knew literally a couple of our names. Now I go to - and there are so many interesting designers that my eyes run wide. There is someone to look at, there is someone to compete with.

Who do you consider your competitors?

ALEXANDER TEREKHOV: I am personally no one. I prefer not to compare myself with anyone.

OL: We are the most successful commercially in Russia. Our dealers say that in terms of sales, Alexander Terekhov

is in third place after Dolce & Gabbana and Brunello Cucinelli.

AT: Seriously? I didn't even know.

How would you articulate the secret to your success?

OL: Sasha makes clothes for Russian proportions. Our women have breasts, their height and volume are correlated in a certain way. Many excellent European brands simply do not count on such parameters. And here you can make an order for clients up to size 56, and everything will fit perfectly on them.

Oksana, at the beginning you said that you started working with Alexander because he is an old school designer: he knows the technological processes, he draws all the models himself. What arguments have you added now?

OL: It turned out to be surprisingly comfortable with Sasha. I will not hide: my character is complex, but he somehow knows how to cope with it.

Do you argue often?

AT: Yes.


OL: Okay, sometimes when it comes to commercial matters.

AT: Or when a common friend comes to us and we start giving her stylistic advice. True, in the end I am always right, and Oksana admits it.

OL: I agree. I tried to build everything so that nothing would distract Sasha from his work. He is the main person here. Okay, main person, what clients do you like to work with?

AT: With those who know exactly what they want. When all this begins: “Well, I don’t know, let's try in a different color,” I try to disappear faster.


Think of the brightest outings of the stars in your dresses

OL: There were a lot of them. Irina Shayk in white leather, Renata Litvinova in peas, Ksenia Sobchak with a slit to the waist at the Hello Awards.

AT: Yes, exactly, from the collection that we showed at the Metropol.

You choose very effective display platforms. But maybe there is some kind of dream location that you have not yet managed to reach?

AT: Actually, no. Mikhail Druyan and his agency always offer us such places that we can't even dream about it.

Tell us about the autumn collection that was shown at the Tretyakov Gallery

AT: I sewed a lot of leather bomber jackets and coats because I really love Tsoi's style. And I also wanted to make a T-shirt with stones, but I couldn't think of what to embroider on it. I can't manage witty slogans, so I decided to make my own portrait. It sounds immodest, but it was hanging in my office and seemed suitable.

OL: The author of this portrait is Gilles Bensimont. So it's not that simple. What materials are the easiest and most difficult for you to work with?

OL: Sasha was famous for his silk dresses even before we met.

AT: Yes, and I am also very skin-deep. You've probably noticed. And I do not like wool, I myself never wear it and do not understand it.

OL: Seriously? And what do you wear in winter?

AT: In a T-shirt, hoodie and down jacket.

What do you think of the post-Soviet style that has taken over the catwalks?

AT: Cool, but I wouldn't wear that.

OL: Exactly. I like it as an artistic statement - it is about my and Sasha's childhood. But we both love something simpler, more classic, sexy. And this is not about sex at all.

You've just made stage costumes for another hero of the day, Shnur and his team

OL: Just yesterday I was at the Leningrad concert dedicated to the birthday of Matilda Shnurova, and she took me to the stage. This is such an incredible drive, Cord is a national hero.

AT: I didn't get to the concert, but designing costumes was fun. I proposed several ideas, all four of us - Sergey, Matilda, Oksana and I - discussed them and chose the colors of the Russian flag. In the original version, the dress for one soloist was made entirely of beads. It turned out to be weighing almost on her own. But it is very beautiful. But I had to ease it, of course. What's in store for the brand in the very near future?

OL: The first Terekhov Girl collection has been on sale since September, we are launching a new website and an online store, where both lines will be presented at once. We are going to expand men's and children's collections, open mono-brand boutiques in the regions. Like any business, we want to develop.

And where do you see yourself in another ten years?

OL & AT: Together.




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