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24 Hours In The Life Of Irina Shayk
24 Hours In The Life Of Irina Shayk
Video: 24 Hours In The Life Of Irina Shayk
Video: Alibi | What's in My Bag with Irina Shayk 2023, February


I am anyone, but not a morning person - early shooting (and they often start before dawn) is a real torture for me. Opening my eyes, the first thing I do is check the time on my phone - what if I can still sleep? Then, reluctantly, I get up and go to the bathroom. I take a shower, brush my teeth and perform a simple beauty ritual: I apply Mimi Luzon serum with collagen and my favorite moisturizer L'Oréal Paris.


I don't drink coffee - training helps me to cheer up. I do Pilates 4-5 times a week for an hour or just walk at a good pace. But strength exercises I absolutely do not like.


I am quite an organized person: shoes scattered all over the house and closets stuffed with unnecessary things are not at all my story. Therefore, to get dressed, I spend 15 minutes. If an important meeting is scheduled for the morning, I choose an outfit in the evening. And on ordinary days I rely on intuition and my favorite color black. I'm a Givenchy and Versace fanatic, and I also have a lot of rare vintage finds in my wardrobe that I'm very proud of. Before leaving the house, I check to see if I have forgotten anything: in the bag must be a phone, charger, lipstick, moisturizer and sunscreen.

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