Table of contents: Launches Competition For The Opening Of The DADA Festival Launches Competition For The Opening Of The DADA Festival

On June 9, the DADA festival, dedicated to one of the most radical artistic movements of the 20th century, starts in Moscow. 2016 is considered the year of the centenary of Dadaism - a trend that arose as a reaction of intellectuals to the situation during the First World War - the senselessness and absurdity of its ethics and aesthetics. The exhibition, timed to coincide with the anniversary, will feature works by leading Dada artists and those influenced by them: Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, John Cage, Yannis Kounellis, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Hans Richter, Alexei Kruchenykh, Ilya Kabakov, Herman Vinogradov, Andrey Monastyrsky and many others.

The DADA festival at the NCCA is 10 days of lectures, performances and concerts accompanying the exhibition of the same name, which will become the central event of the festival. and the NCCA are giving away one season ticket for all days of the festival and 2 free tickets to any event of the festival of their choice.

To participate in the competition, you must correctly answer seven questions of the quiz from the curator of the project, art critic Vitaly Patsyukov, and send them to [email protected] or by a personal message on the NCCA page on Facebook. The first participant who answers all seven questions correctly will receive a free pass for 10 days of the festival, and the second and third - free tickets to any of the festival events of their choice. The letter must include your name; the results of the competition and the correct answers will be announced on June 8th.


The competition has ended. The winners are Irina Pozhidaeva (receives a subscription for all 10 days of the festival), Ksenia Safronova (a ticket to any event of your choice) and Evgeny Belyakov (a ticket to any event of your choice). The administration of the NCCA will contact the winners, and we congratulate Irina, Ksenia and Eugene and publish the correct answers to the quiz:

1. What work, the author of which was a famous Dadaist, existed only for a few hours at the exposition and remained only in photographs?

A. Man Ray "Object for destruction"

B. John Cage "4'33""

C. Marcel Duchamp" Fountain "

D. Raoul Hausmann" Mechanical head: the spirit of our time"

2. Who among the Dadaists, when reading their poems, dressed in a special costume?

AND.Hugo Ball

B. Raoul Hausmann

C. Kurt Schwitters

D. John Hartfield

3. What dish did John Cage cook while in Russia?

A. Mushrooms with béchamel sauce

B. Dandelion soup

C. Eggnog

D. Salad "Olivier"

4. Which Russian artist did the Dadaists choose as the ideal of DADA?

A. Vladimir Tatlin B. Kazimir Malevich C. Alexander Rodchenko D. Marc Chagall

5 What is the cult place in the history of DADA in its name unites the element of the carnival show and the name of the French enlightener?

A. Cafe "Le Cupol"

B. Existential restaurant "At Sartre"

C. Restaurant "Jean Jacques"

D. Cabaret "Voltaire"

6. Who from the representatives of DADA adored the art of dance?

A. Raoul Hausmann and Sophie Thorber-Arp

B. Hans Richter

C. Georg Gross and Jean Arp

D. John Cage

7. What detail is missing from the famous depiction of Leonardo Da Vinci in the readymade work of one of the pioneers of DADA?

A. Signet

B. Tattoo

C. Pipe

D. Mustache

DADA festival program (1 season ticket for the entire festival program and 2 free tickets to any of the events of your choice are raffled off):

June 9, 19:30 “Otzvuki Mu” group and German Vinogradov. Musical performance

10 June 19:30 "Dada and Contemporary Art Practice: From Tristan Tzar to John Cage". Lecture by the curator of the festival Vitaly Patsyukov

June 11, 19:30


zorki in "Secret of Mystery", Experimental music concert

on June 12 from 16:00 to 22:00 Kuzlesfest-4, Music Festival, Alec Petuk

on June 13 from 19:30 to 21:00 Solo. operator, Concert, Alexander Serechenko

June 14 19:30 Vladimir Martynov. The paths of composition and the ethics of the score. Dialogue-lecture

June 15 19:30 Lecture by Konstantin Dudakov-Kashuro and Ivan Sokolov's concert

June 16 19:30 Simultaneous chess session. Performance, chess tournament

June 17 19:30 Vernissage music III. Concert, u / n multitude

18 June 19:30 Alexey Kruglov and his Round Trio. Jazz improvisation in the Dada system. Musical performance

19 June 19:30Ilya Zdanevich's play "Yanko Krul Albanian". Performance-Performance with the participation of students of the Moscow Art Theater School

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